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Initially exploring mental health as a broad spectrum, the project eventually honed in on the specific experiences of mental health — and the journeys that resonates with us all. The creators recognised the importance of individual perspectives, each unique yet bound together by a common thread: the need for hope. “Sing About Me” aims to restore a sense of hope that may have been lost during these difficult times, offering a beacon of light in a world seeking solace and connection.

With a deep-rooted commitment to giving back to their local community and beyond, the founder is determined to represent people of all backgrounds with a genuine grassroots approach. Drawing from their own experiences of overcoming adversity and limited opportunities, they envision a future where their powerful poetry collection is shared on social media platforms and performed at community-based event venues in East London.

Sing About Me

Web 3 powered art collective utilising AI + AR + VR

Sing About Me

Creative Lead

What I accomplished?

Sing About Me originated from my strong morals about mental wellbeing for people in lower social economic backgrounds. As someone who grew up struggling with this, I set out on mini side project to help people, here are some of things I achieved:

• Organised a 6x6 stand in one of the biggest festivals in London
• Researched and designed cultural significant clothing to represent local residents
• Reached over millions of views on TikTok
• Built a DIY AR mirror

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