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Ropes is a groundbreaking startup that uses augmented reality (AR) to revolutionise the way we tour our cities. Its innovative app leverages AR and audio to offer immersive, community-built tours, providing users with a unique, interactive, and highly engaging exploration experience. The standout feature of Ropes lies in its user-generated content; the community can create, share, and monetize their own guided tours, adding a personal touch and local insights to the exploration experience. This not only enables a deeper connection to the city but also opens up a new avenue for locals to earn from their knowledge and creativity. In essence, Ropes is transforming the concept of tour guides, making city explorations more personal, interactive, and rewarding.


AR Tour guide


Digital Marketer

What I accomplished?

Ropes was my first introduction into Augmented Reality technologies back in 2018. It has been fascinating to me ever since. I was introduced into the project to test their early prototype and recommend any feedback regarding their iOS application. During my time I accomplished:

• Researched and utilised augmented reality technologies such as ARKit
• UX research on user behaviours to implement it into strategies

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