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Drops is a trailblazing startup that's revolutionizing the hand sanitising industry with its innovative hand sanitising stations. These stations are equipped with advanced sensors for seamless, touchless sanitising, promoting optimal hygiene and safety. What truly sets Drops apart is its novel integration of advertising on the machines. This unique feature offers businesses a new platform for promotion, engaging users during a moment of direct interaction. By converting a basic health necessity into an interactive advertisement medium, Drops is enhancing public sanitation practices while simultaneously creating a fresh channel for out-of-home advertising.


Revolutionary hand sanitising station


Growth Marketer

What I accomplished?

Dropstations began in 2019 and I was lucky enough to join through right at the beginning through a contact. I worked with really skilled industry veterans in R&D technologies to bring a sketch idea to life. I was responsible for the following:
• Managing the development team to build an excellent app UX
• Building the CRM and controlling the data
• Designed a modern trendy UI

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